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ParentIQ Resources
Utilized by some of the nation’s top therapeutic programs, ParentIQ is dedicated to providing resources to strengthen your family through a better understanding and working knowledge of effective parenting and personal relationship skills. We are recommended by hundreds of professionals in the field of family dynamics, many of whom have contributed to the content of this site and participate in its continuing efforts.

Parenting Audio CD Sets & Parenting Course CD Packages

Got Kids? Got Problems?

Learn on the go with our highly acclaimed instructional CDís

Learn techniques to stop behaviors such as:

  • The constant arguing and fighting between siblings and parents
  • Incessant begging for more and more material possessions
  • Blaming of others for one’s own mistakes
  • Breaking curfews
  • Breaking codes of ethics such as lying and cheating
  • Procrastinating with schoolwork and other obligations
While avoiding the common parent traps of:
  • Anger/Rage
  • Rescuing
  • Criticism
  • Arguing
  • Teenage retirement
  • Inconsistency
  • Lying
  • Lecturing/Nagging
  • Parental disunity
  • Quick fixes
  • Scapegoating
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Holding grudges
  • Conditional love
  • Favoritism
  • Destructive rewards
  • Excessive punishments
  • Forcing/Coercing

For these 50-minute instructional CDs go to the FamilyIQ Store at:




ParentIQ Parent Coaching

Take The Action to Help Your Family

why don't they listen?
ParentIQís Parent Coaching Program offers you...
1. Phone consultations for dealing with problem behavior, sibling rivalry, discipline and
     other family issues.
2. Effective techniques and action plans to address the areas of concern.
3. Follow-up phone consultations.
4. Appointments made to fit your schedule.
5. Coaches with years of professional experience and practical understanding in the field
     of family dynamics.
Learn more about our coaches; choose the one you prefer plus the package that meets your needs.
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ParentIQ Specialized Tests

Educational Testing

Learning styles analysis logo
The Learning Styles Analysis Test (LSA) and The College Major Interest Test (CoMIT) are made available to parents at a discount through ParentIQ to help optimize a childís educational success.
Everyone can learn, but everyone learns differently. Studies have shown that each person has a unique learning style. For example, one person can be an analytic thinker whereas another person may be a reflective thinker - this is but one facet of the multi-faceted spectrum that makes up an individual learning style. The type of learning style a person has can directly impact their academic performance, and in turn, their day-to-day activities and motivations.
The Learning Styles Analysis Test assesses a range of 25 different Learning Dimensions. The implications of knowing this information are wide and far-reaching in terms of enhancing study skills, problem-solving strategies, and improving academic and overall achievement.
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Comit logo
A college education is an expensive purchase, and selecting a course of study that will result in a rewarding and fulfilling career can be critical. A wrong decision or uncertain path can be costly in terms of both time and money. Itís crucial that students are prepared to enter college ready to take full advantage of their experience.
The College Major Interest Test (CoMIT) helps students select and prioritize majors that match their own interests. Students who know in advance where their interests lie are less likely to change majors in mid-stream, or worse, find that their chosen field is unfulfilling after graduation.
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ParentIQ Message Boards
ParentIQ's moderated message boards allow you to post questions and comments about an endless array of topics covering parenting, family and relationship issues. Our community of parents is willing to share concerns and successes for all of us to learn from.
Message boards    -Here’s a sample of our boards. Feel free to read the posts.
Everyday issues ranging from discipline to homework - you name it - find support and ask questions!
Tips, techniques and discussions about topics relating to the issues parents and teens face within a family.
The joys and pitfalls of raising a younger child are discussed. Don’t miss the great advice!
Find support for the often difficult issues that face couples.
Connect with other parents who have struggles and triumphs to share in this difficult part of parenting.
Self-esteem, communication, diet, health, and other issues that affect the quality of life are discussed here.
Read, share and ask about therapeutic program experiences.
ParentIQ Presentations
Mark Hobbins
Founded by Mark Hobbins in 1997, FamilyIQ and ParentIQ has helped thousands of parents throughout the world strengthen their families as they improve their own parenting skills. He has been a consulting expert for numerous media outlets including CBS, NBC, ABC, People Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, LA Times, and the NY Times. He has consulted with and appeared on various television shows throughout the world including BRAT CAMP, Britain's Youngest Boozers, Tyra Banks and Dr. Phil shows. Mark has authored and co-authored many articles, courses and workbooks.
To request Mark Hobbins as a keynote presenter or for a workshop, please click here.
For a list of quotes by Mark Hobbins relating to parenting and families, please click here.
Media Representatives: To schedule and interview with Mark Hobbins please call 949-709-1120 or 888-326-5947.
Articles on Parenting
Recommended Reading
Articles from professionals and experts in the field of Family Dynamics written or compiled expressly for ParentIQ:
Articles on Parenting
Books recommended by ParentIQ (Subit your own recommendations to
Recommended Books
Recommended Books
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