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Here's what others are saying about ParentIQ:

This website and program has been a Godsend -- it has changed my life. I no longer feel so alone - THANK YOU! Jessica G.

I thought it was very helpful to me in learning to understand myself and both my daughters. Thank you! – Mary K.

Thousands of dollars of therapy have not provided the insights this short course did! -- On the course, 'Dealing with Shame, Guilt and Failure.' -- V.

I think that your materials are wonderful. I have the set of CD's from Dr. Jones and refer back to them quite often as a parenting resource while I am raising my three children. I am also a mental health counseling student and have utilized information on your site for my research. In the future, when I am working in the field I plan to utilize your website again in a professional capacity. --Sheila C.

The material is very helpful and informative. Thank you very much. – Felicia B.

I can't thank you enough...! I am looking forward to all that I can learn to be a successful parent and learn the right tools of what makes a family work! I am very grateful to YOU! THANK YOU! Kathryne L.

The material is helpful and informative – simple and direct and can be employed immediately! Thank you! – Katherine S.

This has been a wonderful resource for our family and it is great that you are available. I tell everyone I know to sign up. Our daughter is currently doing well and is almost 17 y/o so right now things at our home are well. If ever my husband and I need more information for ourselves or our marriage we will definitely sign back up for your services. Thank you for providing a web site that addresses so many issues and offers so much help. [Sincerely, K.K.]

After taking 4 courses and 6 of the recommended tests, I can see how my relationship with (my daughter) will strengthen and get stronger. Thank you for giving me the wisdom and hope to see where I can improve areas in my life and be the best parent I can be. -- D.W.

I have found both the testing and the courses to be very informative and illuminating. the articles I have read are great as well.

I have shared this wealth of information with many of my friends who have children. I belive every parent should have access to such knowledge.

Thank you so much for your dedication to the health and well being of our children and their families. -- L.F.

...I also want to thank you for the information you have provided to me during my membership. Your tools continue to help guide me to be a better father each day. - E.W.

Thank you!!! Took the first course and took the first test. Great stuff!!!! -- Lynn S.

Everything about this website and this program is outstanding! – Adam R.

I think that the material on this website is the strong point for bringing families back together. --Karla H.

I have completed two of the courses recommended so far -- Healthy Expectations and Family Systems. I also am listening to the audio CDs which are very informative. Thank you for your continued support you give me and other parents and the chance to have a complete and happy family structure with our children. – Phillipa H.

Your customer support is very responsive and our parents love the program and the CDs. We constantly look forward to the new material and the updates. Keep up the great work! George B., Utah

I found the entire experience very enjoyable. – Inga S.

This is great – I wish I knew about it four years ago! But it’s never too late and I’m putting it to good use now. – Cynthia S.

The material is easy to follow and understand. I enjoy this type of online learning. – Theresa M.

Your site looks excellent. I have a four-year-old son and really could use some parenting tips on stress management/positive discipline! Thanks again -- Charles D.

I have learned something from every single course. I have very high regard for this program. – Stacey D.

The resources have been wonderful and I thank you in advance for your content. - Laura G.

I have only taken a few courses but I felt they were useful and I plan to take more. I also found the website well designed and easy to navigate. – Hank L.

I do want you all to know that this was very valuable to me and I learned a great deal. Thanks for the help and understanding. --- Susan H.

This is a great program. Even though we have taken other parenting courses and raised several children, the way this program suggests other topics to take is very beneficial. Thank you! – Mary G.

While generally very rewarding, the job of parenting can also be very frustrating. Most parents find, at one time or another, that they just aren't equipped with the necessary tools to deal with some of their children's attitudes or behaviors. This website is such a wonderful resource for parents, providing tools to deal with so many situations and circumstances. I am grateful to have found this resource, and look forward to developing my skills and having more positive interactions with my teens. Thank you so much for what you are doing to help families. Karene C.

I loved the courses and will continue to go back and use the program. I loved the way I progressed through the tests and courses, learning as I go along. – Nancy K.

"This site provides a wonderful set of resources for helping families overcome the challenges that we all sometimes face and for strengthening relationships among family members. The courses offered on the site are engaging, informative, and thought provoking. I truly believe that this program can be an important asset for many families and would encourage you to explore the wide range of offerings that are available."

Dr. David Rabiner, Senior Research Scientist, Duke University

I have enjoyed the website and also your audio CDs that we have received. The CDs get the point across with a bit of humor, so it doesn't hurt quite so bad. I am able to easily understand the Tests and Courses that you offer online. I like the fact that it is not just reading the "lessons," but the information is re-enforced with "workbook" pages. -- Brenda N.

Should make this available to all high schools in this country -- David B. (On the course Co-Dependency and Addiction)

Thanks for all you offered me during a rough 2007. Sari W.

(On the course, Improving Your Communication Skills) Great course! This would be a good thing to work on in small groups when parents are at {their Program} for seminar days. This may sound easy to do but I think actually making the changes may be difficult. -- D.B.

"The 3 Nevers" audio CD helped me to see that staying within my boundaries and not allowing my son to manipulate me into an argument helps us both. I have so much respect for the 3 Nevers and more insight now! - Marie V.

"The infinite wonders of the internet have no better illustration than this remarkable website. This terrific tool can allow parents to benefit directly and immediately from decades of research and experience with child rearing techniques and principles that can make family life better - more loving and happier. Parents will find that the website provides more information than the combined wisdom of dozens of good books on the subject at a very modest cost and in a more accessible and enjoyable format. Every conscientious parent and parent educator/trainer/family therapist would benefit from using this site, often."

Daniel S. Kirschenbaum, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Northwestern University

For me this site is a blessing. There are lots of other people who understand how I feel, and can offer advice, or in your case "not offer advice" but we got the message anyway. Thank you!! – Zelda A.

Our child is at wilderness camp and will be returning home in another week. We have used this program and website the entire time – the community was very supportive and the material was very informative. We intend to continue using the website material after our son returns home, and want to use it with him too. Please renew my subscription for another three months. Thank you for being there for us! – Shirley M.

During what seemed the endless time that my child was away at her Program, this website kept us connected as a family. We liked the idea that we were able to take the time to work on our relationships and it helped us prepare for her homecoming. Things are going well now and we are grateful to this material and community for helping us get through a very tough time. – Melinda H.

Thank you to this website and all the support I’ve received. We are so lucky and so grateful to have had this help and to talk to such wonderful people who are so supportive. The community meant a great deal to us and helped pull us through. My son is doing great now – I love everything about your website. – Jen S.

This is the best thing we could have done for our (therapeutic) program. Census is up and our parents have been much happier with the relevant information that is keeping them in the loop. Cathy B., Utah

I am a psychologist with a large practice in Texas. I recommend your website and program to my clients – many of them sign up for membership and also purchase CDs. I am in complete agreement with the your philosophy and methods. I am considering buying blocks of memberships to offer to my clients. My clients and myself love the program. – James M.

I very much enjoyed this course! You did an excellent job! I'm very impressed!! Great information! – Mark K.

I think the courses are set up and presented well. I was surprised with the length of the material. I was able to see where it took me and was very enlightening. Thanks! – Harley G.

Your organization & programs have been of great help to us and everyone we have referred to you. – Rita K.

So far, we have completed Healthy Expectations, Fathers & Sons and Parent as Role Model courses and found them to be very helpful. The combination of reading the online info and using the workbook made the course integrated. Again, thanks for the great site. – Wendy H.

Using the material on this website allowed me to reinforce my beliefs and expectations. – Jennifer S.

The courses are excellent and very informative. – David B.


Thank You! We have completed two courses and will continue throughout our membership time. This is a great tool for parents. - Maureen and Jim O.