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Parenting and Relationship Tips

1. I can’t log on – what should I do?

a. First, please check that you are at the right URL address (the address that is at the top of your browser, that starts with ‘http://’). If you are affiliated with a program and your URL reads ‘,’ then you are at the wrong address. Check with your program to find out the correct URL address for you and your program’s ParentIQ intranet. If you can’t find this out or are not sure, call ParentIQ at 888-326-5947 x102 or send an email to One of our customer support people will get back to you with the information you need quickly.

b. If you ARE at the correct URL address, check to see if your login name and password is correct. If all seems correct and you’re still having problems, call 888-326-5947 x102 or send an email to One of our customer support people will get back to you with your login and password quickly.

2. I can’t seem to bring up the course – what should I do?

a. First, make sure that you don’t have the course window minimized. Once you’ve checked to see if you have a ‘hidden’ course window and you have determined that you don’t, make sure you don’t have ‘pop-up’ windows disabled in your browser. You would know if you have this if you or another member of your family had installed it. If you do have it, uninstall or suspend it until the end of your course.

3. I can’t see the workbook(s) or get them to print.

a. You need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® in order to read and print out the workbooks. This is a FREE download. If you don’t have this installed, please go to:
Install the Reader and you’ll be able to see and print all of the workbooks.

4. I can’t seem to see anything on the courses.

a. In order to view the courses, make sure you have Macromedia Flash installed. This is a FREE download. To get this program, go to:

Other instances that might prevent optimal viewing and interactions are your browser custom security and privacy settings. That varies from person to person.

If you have done all of the above, and still are having problems, or if you need information about security and privacy settings, or for any reason whatsoever, please call ParentIQ at 888-326-5947 x102 or send an email message to