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Organization Mission

The mission of ParentIQ is to teach parents how to improve their parenting skills in order to build stronger, more successful families. This is accomplished by providing unique and interactive courses and tests that empower parents with greater awareness, knowledge and skills to become more effective as parents, as partners and as families.

Values Statement

ParentIQ believes that strong families come from knowledgeable and effective parents. In today's world, being a parent is harder than ever and thus requires more knowledge and skill than in previous generations. We believe:

  • Families are the most wonderfully rewarding experience in life.
  • Parents deserve and need more knowledge about effective parenting and life skills.
  • Parents need and can benefit from a supportive community.
  • Families come in various forms and sizes, and all families have the capacity for love, respect, fun, and teamwork.
  • Children want and need to be held accountable to standards of appropriate conduct.
  • Children thrive in an environment of consistency and predictability.
  • Children are more likely to be responsible when they have clear and reasonable expectations and receive praise, encouragement, correction, and love. Appropriate physical touch and actions mean more than words.


ParentIQ is an organization dedicated to empowering parents with the concepts and skills necessary for them to strengthen their family relationships. Through interactive courses, helpful articles, and engaging tests, parents can learn to improve their parenting effectiveness.

Parents participate in advanced parenting information instruction with a high-tech, high-touch experience that deepens understanding and application. This is done on the privacy of a personal computer with the anonymity that ParentIQ users appreciate.

Genesis and Progress

Founded by Mark Hobbins in 1997, ParentIQ has helped thousands of parents throughout the world strengthen their families as they improve their own parenting skills. ParentIQ has received numerous awards and recognitions, including The Society of Technical Communication Excellence Award for its online parenting courses.

For more than 20 years, Mark has helped families whose children had gone too far down the road of self-defeating and even self-destructive behaviors -- families who needed intervention to rescue the child and heal the family. "While that was very gratifying," he states, "I have often wondered why these families could not have been spared the heartache, pain and costly intervention they had to endure."

Mark created ParentIQ with the mission of prevention, of building stronger, and more fulfilling families today. To accomplish this, Mark felt that parents needed quality information that extended beyond basic articles available in magazines and on the Internet. ParentIQ wanted to excel both in the quality of the content and its delivery to the end user. With the help of a comprehensive group of experts, from doctors and clinicians to psycho-metricians and instructional designers, ParentIQ courses and tests were made available first to the therapy and treatment industry and eventually to the general public. Over 100,000 courses and tests have been taken by ParentIQ members who claim to have gained more effective parenting skills and happier families as a result.

Mark Hobbins has enjoyed an illustrious career in mental health and therapeutic education. He is the former co-founder of Aspen Education Group (the largest and most respected organization of therapeutic schools and treatment programs for troubled youth and their families) and has served on several boards in the therapeutic education industry. Mark is a past member of the Colleague Panel for the Council on Accreditation of Services to Families and Children and has been a consulting expert for numerous media outlets including CBS, NBC, ABC, People Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, LA Times, and the NY Times. He has consulted with and appeared on various television shows throughout the world including BRAT CAMP, Britain's Youngest Boozers, Tyra Banks and Dr. Phil shows. Mark has authored and co-authored many articles, courses and workbooks.

During his tenure at Aspen Education Group, and until his retirement in 2007, Mark was instrumental in helping thousands of parents realize what they could do to help their children and to re-unite their family. Now his focus has shifted.

"My retirement from Aspen is allowing me to devote myself to prevention rather than treatment. I clearly feel that learning to become your own family's interventionist and applying effective parenting principles will save parents not only a great deal of money, but more importantly, almost incomprehensible remorse and pain. I have seen far too many families who could have escaped parental agony if they had been empowered to do things differently."

Mark and his wife Diane are the parents of seven children and live in southern California.

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Expert Contributors

ParentIQ courses, tips and articles are the result of numerous independent experts who have contributed their expertise to ParentIQ. For your consideration, we have listed a few of them in hopes that you might, where appropriate, avail yourself of their books and/or services.

G. Frank Lawlis Ph.D., A.B.P.P. - Dr. Lawlis is nationally recognized as an expert in ADD and related issues. As the Chief Psychological Adviser to "The Dr. Phil Show," he addresses a wide range of topics in various articles, journals and books. As a clinical psychologist and professor, Dr. Lawlis has his hand on the pulse of the issues that affect individuals and families. His books include: The ADD Answer, The IQ Answer: Maximizing Your Child's Potential, and Mending the Broken Bond.

Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, M.D. - Dr. Oliver-Pyatt is a Board Certified Psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders. She is the founder of Oliver-Pyatt Centers, programs for the treatment of eating disorders in Miami and New York, and Center for Hope of the Sierras, a residential treatment program for eating disorders. She has appeared on national television and radio, speaking out on the destructive impact of dieting. She is the author of Fed-Up! The Breakthrough Ten-Step No-Diet Fitness Plan. She has served as the Medical Director for the State of Nevada Division of Mental Health and Disabilities, and is an Assistant Clinical Director of Psychiatry.

Carolyn Coker Ross, M.D., M.P.H. - Dr. Ross is a physician with over two decades experience in treating eating disorders. She recently completed a two-year fellowship in Dr. Andrew Weil's Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. Dr. Ross is the former Chief of the Eating Disorders Program at Sierra Tucson in Tucson, Arizona where she developed a unique Integrative Medicine approach to the treatment of eating disorders. Currently, she is the Medical Director at the Eating Disorder Center of Denver. Dr. Ross is a nationally known speaker, media consultant and author of two books, the most recent one is entitled: Healing Body, Mind and Spirit: An Integrative Medicine Approach to the Treatment of Eating Disorders.

David Rabiner, Ph.D. - Dr. Rabiner is the Senior Research Scientist at Duke University, Center for Child and Family Policy and the Principal Investigator GREAT Schools and Families. His specialties include ADHD and other childhood disorders.

Jonine Beisman, Ph.D. - Dr. Beisman is in private practice seeing both adults and children, conducting psychological testing, providing consultation to agencies, and supervising students. Dr. Biesman has a subspecialty in neuropsychological assessment.

Mark L. Stein, Ph.D. - Dr. Stein is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice who has worked with numerous non-profit organizations in both an administrator and consultant role. He is experienced in psychological and psycho-educational testing with children, adolescents and adults.

Jodi Warne, MSW. - Ms. Warne teaches courses in Family Life and Relationships. She has coached children and families facing issues such as divorce, juvenile delinquency, ADD, adoption, substance abuse, school problems and issues, and special education, among many others. Specialties include: Parent education, ADD, behavioral issues, substance abuse, adoption, special education, divorce, and self-esteem.

John Meade, LCSW, MSW. - Mr. Meade is the manager of a large community program focused on addressing issues related to child abuse and children's mental health. Specialties include: Substance abuse, children's mental health issues, and domestic conflict.